Friday, 9 November 2012

Haddington Criminal Register - The Cartoons

Here is a peak at some of the recent cartoons I have created inspired by the Haddington Criminal Register from the 1890s. There is a mix of humour and poignancy in the later ones. You can see the complete collection unfolding on the John Gray Centre website.
No. 5 ‘Theft of Slippers’
Margaret Crossweller, a 24-year-old vagrant from Glasgow, was arrested on 27 May 1897 for theft of a pair of slippers. The judge sentenced her to 10 days in jail for the crime.

No. 8 ‘Playing football on shed’
On 14 December 1896, the schoolboy Joseph King was arrested for the second time that year, now aged 10. He was admonished for causing a nuisance by playing football against a shed.

No. 11 ‘Drunk and Incapable Housewife’
Mrs Jane Orr, aged 41 from Haddington, was recently arrested for being drunk and incapable. She was admonished for the crime and given a strong warning.

No. 12 ‘Malicious Mischief at the Distillery’
Schoolboy Frederick Faunt was arrested in Haddington for getting up to malicious mischief at the distillery. The 9-year-old boy was reprimanded on report for the chaos caused.

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