Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Launch of a new range of products for your home

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft opens tomorrow and it will include the launch of the first products in the new homeware range from The Book Tree Press. The clock may remind some of you of the ornamental clock previously displayed on top of a paper cut shelf.... however in it's new form this functional clock will sit happily on any shelf in your home. Watch this space for a wall clock on the way!

The lampshade was developed for a private commission and turned out so well I have decided to launch it in other colours and printed patterns, including this mellow brown version. Special credit goes to my lovely friend Sarah for her wonderful ideas! 

Both products are available to order through a bespoke service and hopefully will be appearing in a shop near you very soon. 

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

I have been busily working away in the studio for the last few weeks getting ready for The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair which is now only three weeks away!

I am particularly excited about this fair as it brings the recent work from The Book Tree Press back home to its roots in the North West. I love Edinburgh but home will always be Greater Manchester and this fair, although still only three years old is quickly growing. Set in the heart of the new business district of Spinningfields the fair will host some of the best designers-makers in the UK. Please come along to explore and say hello and perhaps pick up some early Christmas presents, don't shout I know its early to talk about Christmas!

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair
at Spinningfields, Manchester
22-24 October 2010

The Treehouse Bookshop

A little illustration I did this week to invite people to an upcoming exhibition from The Book Tree Press in Manchester. Coming through lots of letter boxes soon....

Books and Wine

Every now and then I get a job to do which makes me wonder if someone has made a mistake, do I really get to do this as a job? Surely someone will realise their horrific mistake any minute and rush to stop me. One of those lovely jobs happened this weekend. I had the delight of going down to a little place called Wigtown in Dumfries & Galloway to take part in the annual book festival.

I was invited down to do a children’s workshop and spent a very enjoyable but rather busy few hours creating revolting recipe books with a group of 8 year olds. I am continually amazed by the creativity and imagination of children. I began by reading out a few gems from Royal Dahl’s Revolting Recipes and taught them each to make a simple book then set them off dreaming up tasty treats, planning the ingredients and illustrating their recipe books. Some highlights included a marshmallow pillow, vegetable bracelets and a slightly frightening pizza that came with a safety warning and directions to ring the fire service during the instructions. My highlight was the number of little dears who came along at the end to thank me and ask me to sign their little books, where I quickly replied ‘You do know I’m not really famous right!’

The weekend at the festival allowed me to peruse the many bookshops, mingle with some authors and catch up with a few friends from last year’s festival. I did have to continually avoid the question ‘So what have you written then…?’ This innocent and perhaps obvious question to ask at a festival about books led on to confused looks when I began to explain about sculptural book works and artists books.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Deirdre Nelson, the textiles artist who is this year’s Spring Fling Artist in Residence at the Festival. She spent the week gathering words to develop into an artwork to be revealed at next year’s Spring Fling event. Other favourites included Phyllida Law, John-Paul Flintoff sewing his own clothes and Eric Robson (attention GQT fans!)

My final input at the festival was a commission by Allison Ouvry Events, as seen at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year, who invited me to create scenes and puppets for her shadow puppet performance of Peter Pan. Although a short deadline this was a lovely job that took me flying back to childhood. Photographs to follow and hopefully more projects like this...

Festival information
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