Friday, 25 March 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day....

... but occasionally designers set themselves little challenges such as a one day project - fond memories of art college are flooding back!

This week I set aside one day to design and print a little book I have been pondering over for a while. There's no such thing as a seagull?' was inspired by early outings with my husband's parents. They have become keen bird watchers over the last few years and after being corrected several times as I commented on seagulls around Leith, I soon learned that the seagull in itself does not actually exist, but is instead the commonly mistakenly identified herring gull or lesser black-backed gull!

Bird watching lesson over! I hope you enjoy this sneaky peak into the new artist's book which I hope will make you chuckle. A copy is winging its way to my in-laws now and lets hope they enjoy my playful observations and a little pride that they have managed to educate me on my bird species!

This is a digitally printed edition of 40 books measuring 105 x 105 mm. It will be available to buy this coming Tuesday at the Artist's Bookmarket hosted by The Fruitmarket Gallery, retailing at £10.

Artist's Bookmarket
Tuesday 29 March 2011
4pm to 9pm
The Fruitmarket Gallery
45 Market Street 
Edinburgh EH1 1DF

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